During my two years of working at Proofreaders United, I’ve been having an excellent overall experience. It is solely a work-from-home-based job. Proofreaders United has given me the opportunity to work from home as a married woman. I’ve learned a lot of new things, especially from my Director, Mr. Zaki, who has been really helpful throughout my time at the company.

My ideas and proposals are well received by management. At the same time, I’ve learned how to interact professionally with clients and vendors, as well as how to manage my time effectively. I can spend more time with my family every day now that I’m part of Proofreaders United team.

Thank you Proofreaders United!
Thank YOU our Finance Manager, Manny for this pleasant letter. We’re happy to know that you’ve gained not only experiences but also new knowledge through working with us. For more information about the people behind Proofreaders United, click the About Us section now!