Working with PU isn’t like working normal office jobs- everyone works 100% online (even prior to the pandemic) and from the comfort of their own homes. We don’t work within the same four walls, which evidently poses different types of challenges in itself.

However, within the (almost) 3 years I have been working for PU, the distance is the least of my worries.

PU has allowed me the space to grow at my own pace, learning new skills and assisting clients to their needs. In the virtual realm where the need for good communication is tenfold, PU has taught me work ethics, respect, manners and cooperation, effective communication not only with my colleagues, but also with clients and freelancers.

The colleagues I’ve worked with are all helpful, all are very aware of the responsibilities of their roles within the company, and a helping hand is always right next to me when I need it, no matter where they or I happen to be. I appreciate the work dynamic my colleagues and I have immensely.

Our Operation Manager, everyone! Thank you for this lovely letter, Hanna. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to Proofreaders United so much! For more information about the people behind Proofreaders United, visit now!

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